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“It has been a beautiful fight.

Still is.”

– Charles Bukowski



Maybe things do work out
That they knew what they were talking about
When they said “time heals all”
And though the fall may leave scars
To live is to be marked
So wear them with pride
I think it’s time that I tried
To forgive and forget
To wish you the best
And to live my life better
To stop wondering whether
The pain was worth the pleasure
You weren’t my forever
And I’ll leave it at that
There’s no going back
And with that I will move forward
And with that I will move toward
The light – a flower toward the sun
I’ve decided to believe 
The best is yet to come.


Where do we stand
Kitchen counter crumbs stick to
Hands glued to surface
I can’t let go too quickly
I am feeling quite unstable
You are sitting at the table
We once bought together 
With the leg that still needs fixing
It is feeling quite unstable
I can barely stand this silence
When did our love grow so quiet
So unstable, so unsure
I wish you’d feel a little more
Frightened by love’s flightiness
Tell me, will you fight for this?

Not the Sun

This is not the wolf 
Howling at the moon
Or a poet’s final verse
You didn’t love me first 
And many more will follow
I fear I won’t subsist 
On a love lukewarm and hollow
Though I knew from
When we started that
I’d never be the sun for you
I thought maybe your moon, your stars
But even that has proved too hard
A love so flimsy, skinny, small
Really isn’t love at all.

Because Of

I loved you not in spite of but because of
How can I explain?
I found the twists of your brain to be beautiful things —
Full of life and eager
To find someone worth explaining to
Well I wanted to be that for you, someone to call home
Where you could unpack and find
A reason to stay
I wanted you to say
The things that wouldn’t fit
Between the lines that people held you in —
Borders thin and superficial
I wanted you to know I’d miss you
If you let go of any part of you
The darker parts, the black or blue
I wanted you to know my love
Was not in spite of but because.