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I lived inside the corners of your mind
Collecting dust
When you promised me light
I should’ve known you were lying
Well they say love is blind
But they must’ve meant blinding
With dust in my eyes I became someone spineless
Bent back ’til I snapped and
Became someone mindless
I believed in you
Because you told me I could
I should’ve known that didn’t mean
That I should
Well talk is cheap but I am not —
This dust will clear and I will walk.



If you and I no longer fit in this bed where do we go I knew you once behind all the smoke how could this all be a joke to you there’s a time and a place for our love so it goes If that place is gone then I guess I’ll let go but my open door policy’s officially closed I hope that you know – no one will fill that space for you, that’s up to you, and I fear that you’ll fail though once I did believe in you behind all the smoke and the lines that got blurred and the promises given that you wasted on her if you and I no longer fit in this bed it’s time to relinquish your place in my head though once I was sure opposites could attract I cannot be all the things that you lack, the spine in your back or the heart in your chest, infatuation at most but at worst even less.

I want you to know.

I want you to know
I’m sorry for
The space between your bones I used to fill
And it’s not that I gave up on  you
But the smoke in your room
Took my breath away
More than you ever will.

I want you to know
There was a time
When I believed in you, that you
Were lighter than the darkness you created
That you believed in trust

What I’m trying to say is
When you gave up on waking up before two
I took it rather personally.

I want you to know
That, though diminished,
You will always be
The dust in the corner of my mind,
The afterthought, the words unspoken
But not forgotten.

What I’m trying to say is
I’m moving on
And part of me is sorry
And sad to see you bleed
I hope you find the things you need
But I want you to know
I will never be those things again.


Sun shines
I can feel it on my back
Today I won’t look back at love I’ve lost
Or time I squandered
Today I want to wander
Through the present
I said I loved you and I meant it
At the time
Today I find love isn’t timeless
And I’m finding I don’t mind this
Change feels good when body bends
Old ties cut loose and fables end
When daily truths usurp pretend
Pieces that will not uphold
That was bronze today is gold
Sunshine on my arms and neck
Today not burdened with regrets
No not yets, forget too lates
Today letting go of mistakes
I loved you once but that was then
I’ve found beginning from an end.

What needs to be said.

I think what needs to be said is this —
I miss the twists of your body
But not the way you twisted me
You turned me into someone spineless,
How can someone smart become so mindless?
I will never fill you in again.

And I’ll never be your sun, your moon
I know you’ll never howl for me
Wander the streets ’til you find what you lack
A place where you can rest your head
At best I was a body in your bed
At worst, much less.

I know you’ll never bend for me
Although I almost broke for you
That night, in your car, I could’ve sworn
I saw you bleed
But I’ll never be the things you need
And I will never try to be again.

I remember I believed in you
But I cannot remember why
If it’s only because you told me I could
I only have my self to blame
I wanted to believe that people change
You found one final way to let me down.