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We were going to build something
Unhung pictures haunt me
Your toothbrush in the bathroom taunts me
How long ‘til you’ve forgotten me?
Here’s the thing that burns –
I know there was a time
When in me you saw the world.



You said “I love you but I’m leaving.”
When did you stop believing?
I guess forever’s not as long
As you imagine when you’re young
Since when did love unconditional
Come with stipulations?
All that I believed of love
Was just a fabrication.


When you told me you were giving up
I found it hard to act surprised
It’s been a while since I tried
To be someone worth fighting for
The truth is I became unsure
That love could overcome the silence
The lack of trust and lack of trying
The rancorous residual
From webs you spun and parts of her
At a time when I was more deserving
Now I find it hard to find this worthy.