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“You are too flighty”

You say to me in anger 

As I board my plane.



I found a light in your smile 
I know it’s been a while since we talked
But I have not forgotten
Silver linings that you made for me
And all the cells you saved for me
At a time I was determined 
To occupy less space and breathe 
So lightly no one heard me
You made me feel deserving of
Happiness, acceptance, love
The way you fell in love with life 
Thanks for your eternal light.


My day began
With spilled coffee and
Your hand missing from my
Thigh when I woke up
Later than expected and
Got ready in a rush I
Trust you finally gave up
On me getting it together
My promises of better
Never seemed to stick
With you
And so this
Comes undone I see
But I can barely stand it
Shaky hands are
Spilling coffee
Will I always feel this tired?