You came home, said nothing
When I dreamt of love
A cold tongue and hollow eyes
Was never what I had in mind.

But love is short, I see
The great divide between forever
And what it’s come to mean —
Something in between the old college try
And one last desperate act
Once love is gone, it won’t come back
They never seem to tell you that
Forever’s not as long as you imagine it will be.

Which brings me to this question —
Did you imagine I’d be different?
You look at me, say nothing
(That always hurts the most)
I’m left with just the ghost of you
When did things become so different?

Well we give up on always but
Blue eyes will always bleed for you
I guess that’s my forever, I imagined it’d be better
You leave home, say nothing
I hope forever’s not as long as I
Imagine it will be.


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