What needs to be said.

I think what needs to be said is this —
I miss the twists of your body
But not the way you twisted me
You turned me into someone spineless,
How can someone smart become so mindless?
I will never fill you in again.

And I’ll never be your sun, your moon
I know you’ll never howl for me
Wander the streets ’til you find what you lack
A place where you can rest your head
At best I was a body in your bed
At worst, much less.

I know you’ll never bend for me
Although I almost broke for you
That night, in your car, I could’ve sworn
I saw you bleed
But I’ll never be the things you need
And I will never try to be again.

I remember I believed in you
But I cannot remember why
If it’s only because you told me I could
I only have my self to blame
I wanted to believe that people change
You found one final way to let me down.



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