Wedding Day

I feign respectability
And fall ill the morning of your ceremony
I wrote a card — “Congratulations
on the bullet you dodged”
The last words that I’ll write to you.

Yes, I believed in sacrifice —
One of those principals that sounded so right
When I couldn’t imagine
that I’d be the lamb
But now the knife is in your hand and
I think I’ve changed my mind.

If this is really how it ends
I will blame you for whatever happens next —
My heart’s quiet atrophy,
My misunderstanding of forever,
My hand’s steady tremor
Tomorrow morning as I picture you
And her, organizing your cupboard with your new
Monogrammed dishes
From someone who is happy for you
As I just feel forgotten
And drink my coffee black as a tribute to my loss.

To your credit,
I never found the words and I always will regret it
And I’m sure you both looked beautiful


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