To the Lonely

Tonight, if you’re alone,

Turn your eyes to the darkness and know

There is no nothingness – amidst the abyss I exist somewhere too.

If your bones are built with stone tonight

And the light from the moon refuses to grace you

Know that I too have felt heavy

With all the things I failed to be, the forgotten details, the sum of my missteps

The not yets and too lates.

If your mistakes have made you older

Than you’d thought you’d be tonight

Know that through all this chilling air, in spite of it all,

I’ve left my light on for you.

If, tonight, you feel you’re falling fast

Past faces and planets and layers of skin

Know that I’ve been there too –

My skin has been blue and my hair failed to grow

But I let myself go and stomached the fall and I think you should too –

Fall into the darkness

and know that somwhere across it

I’m waiting for you.


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